Learning to Drive

If you’re looking for advice or have questions about learning to drive (or teaching someone), then you won’t find a better place to start. Altogether we have over 40 years of experience in teaching and testing drivers at all levels. Because of that wealth of knowledge, you can guarantee that will provide sound advice.

Ask Us

If you have questions about driving lessons, driving schools, or need help to pass the test, send us a message. We can also help you to pass the theory test with our books and online theory test practise questions.

Our Goal

Our mission is to help learner drivers on the road to success. Whether you are learning with an instructor, a friend or a relative; we are here to help make sure that you achieve your goals. We will help you navigate through the pitfalls and pot holes of learning to drive.  So this will hopefully take the stress out of your journey to passing the practical test and gaining your first full licence.

Driving Licences

If you’re looking to get your first provisional driving licence, or you’re looking for advice, we tell you how to:

  • apply for a licence
  • renew your licence
  • replace a lost or stolen licence
  • and also, how to change the address on your licence

Learning to Drive in the UK

Our site is also packed with advice for learner drivers, including:

  • choosing an instructor
  • driving lesson theory
  • books for beginners
  • supervising a learner

UK Driving Skills

Pass the driving test first time with our great study aids and advice:

  • practical driving test tips
  • test centre locations and also…
  • how to book a test
  • in addition to online theory test practise


  • Visibility When Driving at Night
    Visibility when driving at night is always going to be lower than during the day. There is one small advantage of driving at night however; a glint of headlights around a corner may warn you of the approach of a vehicle which you may have been unaware of during the day. But if there is… Read more: Visibility When Driving at Night
  • Driving Examiner’s Marking Sheet
    A driving examiner’s marking sheet is no longer an actual sheet. They now use iPads to record everything that happens on a driving test. Although on rare occasions, they may still conduct a test using a paper form if there is a technical problem with the device. You won’t be able to see the screen… Read more: Driving Examiner’s Marking Sheet
  • Driving Examiners – the Facts
    The driving test and driving examiners are something that almost everyone has an opinion on. There is always someone willing to give you the benefit of their own driving test experience.  However, you may not always hear the truth. But is it really that bad? Are driving examiners the tyrants that some people say they… Read more: Driving Examiners – the Facts
  • Vulnerable Road Users
    When talking about road safety issues, the term ‘vulnerable road users’ is often quoted. But does it actually mean? Vulnerable means those most at risk of exposure to the possibility of harm. RoSPA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents describes vulnerable road users as ‘those who have less crash protection than occupants of… Read more: Vulnerable Road Users
learning to drive
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