ADI Part 3 Test – Instructional Ability

adi Part 3The ADI part 3 test of instructional ability is the final one of the qualifying process. The object of this is for the driving examiner to watch you give a practical driving lesson in which your pupil must drive for at least 40 minutes.

The lesson should begin with a brief discussion (around 3 minutes) of the objectives, and any risks that this may involve. And it should end with a similarly brief amount of time for your pupil to reflect on their performance. During the lesson your examiner will assess your performance to ensure that you meet the ‘national standard for driver training‘.

You must provide the vehicle for the test; and the pupil you bring can be either:

    • a partly or fully trained learner
    • or a full licence holder

However they cannot be either:

    • a complete novice
    • or an ADI or trainee instructor

The Assessment

Your examiner will assess your performance in 17 ‘areas of competence’. They group these into 3 categories:

    • your lesson planning
    • risk management
    • and teaching & learning strategies

The examiner will mark you on the ADI Part 3 test report form (although this will at some point be replaced by an iPad). You will score between 0 and 3 for each of the competencies. The examiner will complete the form at the end of the test before going through this with you and giving you the result.

A score of between 0-30 means that you have failed the test. If this happens you can take up to 2 more attempts; this must be done within 2 years of the date you first passed the Part 1. If you picked the extra training (option 2) when you applied for your training licence; then you must do 5 more hours of training before your next attempt. Should you fail the test 3 times, you must wait for 2 years before starting the qualification process again from the start.

Scoring between 31-42 means that you have passed the test and achieved a grade B. A score of 43-51 is a grade A pass. You can apply for the green ADI badge to begin working as a qualified driving instructor. But you should do this within 1 year otherwise you will lose your certification.

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