Can I Appeal a Parking Ticket?

Traffic wardens are generally not the most popular of people. Their main job is to prevent illegal parking in order to keep the roads clear and traffic flowing. So why do we have such a problem with them? And can you appeal a parking ticket?

appeal a parking ticketCivil Enforcement Officers, as they are most accurately known, normally work for local councils. Their main job is to issue penalty charge notices to drivers who park vehicles illegally.

They may also report to the police, when they see signs of illegal activity in other areas on the road.

One of the myths that some drivers believe, is that if you quickly drive away before the warden sticks the ticket to your car; you can get away with that. But not if the warden already has your registration number. They can use this to get your details from the DVLA and your penalty notice will arrive through the post!

If you park illegally, and you’re not actually in the vehicle; you may be lucky enough to have a period of time before getting a ticket. This is to make sure that you’re not about to start loading or unloading, or picking up passengers.

Should you park in the danger zone on the approach to a pedestrian crossing however, or some other such infringement: your ticket will be issued straight away.

Blue badge holders

Having a blue badge does not exempt you from potentially getting a parking ticket. There are places where you can wait, such as on yellow lines; but you must still park safely and not cause problems for other road users.

Can I appeal a parking ticket?

Yes you can; but there is no point arguing with traffic wardens. Once they have issued a ticket they cannot cancel it. But if you think that a warden incorrectly issued a ticket, you can write to the local council to appeal a parking ticket within 14 days.

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