Trainee Driving Instructor Licence

Trainee Driving Instructor LicenceIf you choose to apply for a trainee driving instructor licence; this gives you the opportunity to practise your ability to teach with pupils out on the road. Unless you have previously qualified as an ADI then it’s unlikely that you will pass the Part 3 without help and plenty of practise. The trainee licence lasts for 6 months and means that you can charge for any lessons that you give. Before you can apply however, there are some conditions. You must:

    • have passed the Part 1 test within the last 2 years
    • have passed the Part 2 driving test
    • be able to show that you have received a minimum of 40 hours training from a qualified ADI

You must record the training that you receive on an ADI 21T declaration form.

Once you receive your trainee driving instructor licence, you must always display this on the left-hand side of your car windscreen whenever you are charging for driving lessons. You also have 2 options during the training period.

Option 1

A qualified ADI must supervise you for 20% of any lessons that you give. You must keep a record of the number of hours you spend teaching, and your supervised hours. You must record this on an ADI 21S supervision form, and send it to the DVSA.

Option 2

Your second option is to undertake a minimum of 20 hours extra training. Although some of this can be classroom based, you must undertake at least 25% of the training time on the road. You must record the training on the instructor declaration form ADI 21AT. The training must be completed within 3 months, and the form sent to the DVSA as soon as this is finished. You cannot book the Part 3 until you have completed the training, but this must also be done within 3 months. If you go beyond the 3 months then you must take 5 extra hours recorded training before you can apply.


Approved Driving Instructor Registrar
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