Andy Jackson

Are Car Mods Illegal?

Are car mods illegal? Well that depends on what they are and where you are going to use the vehicle. With some types of modifications you can only legally drive a vehicle off-road. There are a number of legal mods which you can use on the road however, but they are subject to some pretty

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How to Control a Skid

Knowing how to control a skid is one of the important driving skills; but it’s better to know how not to cause one. Drivers sometimes blame all kinds of things for when they lose control of their car. But the fact is that the vast majority of skids are simply caused by bad driving. To

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Travel Like You Know Them

Travel like you know them – what does it mean? Changes were made to the Highway Code in 2022 to help improve road safety for cyclists, pedestrians, and horse-riders. The main part of these changes was the Hierarchy of Road Users. To make people more aware of the changes, the DVSA launched a campaign in

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