Paul James

Paul is a professional in the world of road safety with many years experience in training drivers for all levels of tests.

Learner Driver Insurance

Learner driver insurance can be very expensive. It’s one of the many hurdles you need to get past in order to get your hands on that driving licence. If you’re learning to drive with a driving school, then their insurance will cover you. However, if you decide to take private practise, either in your own

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Ready for the Driving Test?

Want to know if you’re ready to take the driving test? How can you tell? The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (the people who conduct the test) have launched a campaign called ‘Ready to Pass?’. They’re concerned about the number of people  who fail driving tests simply because they haven’t done enough to prepare. Some

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Lights when Driving in Fog

Lights when driving in fog become very important tools. Don’t travel in fog unless you really have to. And consider checking the Met Office for any weather warnings before you set off. Making sure others can see you is vitally important in misty conditions. You MUST turn on headlights when visibility is poor. Or if

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Driverless Cars in the UK

Driverless cars are coming to the UK – should we be worried? Trials of these in the USA have actually resulted in hundreds of crashes, some of them fatal. During a four month period in 2022 eleven people were killed. Passengers and pedestrians are dying as a direct result of driverless technology. There are a

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The National Speed Limit

Most drivers recognise the national speed limit sign, although older motorists may call the sign used to mark this as ‘end of speed restriction.’ That was actually the original meaning of the sign. Outside of a built up area there were no speed limits. Drivers on country roads could drive at whatever speed they liked!

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Copyright Infringement

The work of UK Driving Skills is becoming very popular. Because of this the likelihood of copyright infringement unfortunately becomes more of a risk. People say that ‘imitation is the highest form of flattery’. However, we would prefer that people just admired our work rather than trying to pass it off as their own. Plagiarism

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Lane Markings at Roundabouts

Lane markings at roundabouts can often cause confusion rather than helping drivers. Much of the problem stems from an entry in an older edition of the Department for Transport’s ‘Traffic Signs Manual.’ The  manual stated: ‘Right turn arrows are best avoided on the approach lanes to a roundabout, other than a mini-roundabout. Particularly as they

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