Advice for Learner Drivers

We pack our website with advice and tips for learner drivers. We take you from your very first steps of learning to drive, up to driving test success and beyond.

Driving in Winter Sun

Driving in winter sun is perhaps the most underestimated danger of winter driving. The sun hangs lower in the sky during these months; it has a much more dazzling effect than the higher sun of warmer seasons. Its effect is at its greatest after rain or when there’s ice or snow on the ground. In

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Driving in Icy Conditions

When driving in icy conditions, you must use all controls with care. When setting off you must bring the clutch up gently and gradually without too much power from the engine. Steering must be smooth and steady, particularly if you’re moving out at an angle from behind a parked car. Acceleration has to be very

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Avoiding Dazzle at Night

Avoiding dazzle at night is extremely important to road safety. When drivers are dazzled, temporary blindness can occur for several seconds; easily long enough for an accident to occur. Dazzle from main beam is perhaps the greatest danger. If you do encounter an oncoming driver who neglects to dip; a very brief flash of your

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How to Control a Skid

Knowing how to control a skid is one of the important driving skills; but it’s better to know how not to cause one. Drivers sometimes blame all kinds of things for when they lose control of their car. But the fact is that the vast majority of skids are simply caused by bad driving. To

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Apply for a Driving Licence

If you are looking to apply for a driving licence, the process should be straightforward. But an increasing number of people are scammed by websites offering to ‘simplify’ the service. They may also try to fool you by offering additional services which you don’t need; at a vastly inflated price! You will usually find these

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