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If you want to know anything about driving licences and driving tests, you will find it here. We cover all categories of licence applications.

We give advice and point you in the right direction.

Get an HGV Licence

If you want to get an HGV licence or drive a passenger carrying bus for a living, you need to satisfy a few requirements. You must already have a full car licence, be over 18 years old and pass the four part CPC course (Certificate of Professional Competence). You can however drive a lorry or

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Independent Driving

When you take a driving test, at some point your examiner will ask you to carry out a period of ‘independent driving.’ This will last for up to 20 minutes. It could begin at the test centre, or you may start this part way along the test route. This independent drive is designed to show

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ADI Part 1 Theory Test

If you want to book an ADI part 1 theory test, read our essential guide and make sure that you know what happens on the day. To qualify as a driving instructor, you must take and pass a three part exam. There is a theory test, followed by a practical driving test, and then a

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ADI Part 2 Driving Test

The ADI Part 2 driving test is carried out at a test centre by an examiner from the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency). It lasts around one hour and you will need to provide a suitable vehicle for the test. You cannot just any old car however. The vehicle you bring must: be taxed,

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Book a Theory Test

So, you’re ready to book a theory test? Before you do, read our guide for car and motorcycle tests and make sure that you know what happens on the day. What to Take With You You must take your UK photo card driving licence to your test. If you have a licence from Northern Ireland,

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Book an HGV Theory Test

If you want to book an HGV theory test, read our guide and make sure that you know what happens on the day. This guide also applies to PCV theory tests. Driving truck or passenger vehicles commercially requires that you obtain a CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) qualification. This involves four tests. The theory test

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Book an HGV Driving Test

Part 3 If you’re looking to book an HGV driving test, check out our informative guide for all the information you need. This is the practical on-road test where you need to demonstrate your ability to drive safely. The HGV driving test (part 3) is in two parts. Part 3a involves: an ‘S’ shaped reverse

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Driving Test Centres

Driving Test Centres Here is a list of DVSA driving test centres in the UK and the type of tests that they offer. Whilst every effort is made to keep these as up to date as possible, we cannot be held responsible for any errors or inaccuracies. Please feel free to contact us with any

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