Do driving test cancellation apps work?

Do driving test cancellation apps work? If you are frustrated by the long waiting times for driving tests; that’s a question you may be asking.

test cancellation appsTest cancellations do appear on a fairly regular basis. People may be ill or have an accident, or perhaps they have just decided that they are not ready to take the test. But you need to be quick to pick up one of these precious appointments. So what’s the best way of doing it?

Firstly, you must already have a test appointment of your own; then if you find an earlier slot you ask the DVSA to change it. You could try calling the DVSA booking line, but it’s very busy and sometimes almost impossible to get through. It’s much easier to go online to look for a test cancellation. You may have to do this many times however before you get lucky.

There are companies who will offer to do this service for you. But be wary. Not all of these companies are reputable and they may charge you a large fee for obtaining an earlier test appointment.

Use an App

You could also try the driving test cancellation app route. These apps will continually check online to find you an earlier test date, and then notify you when it finds one. But the same warnings go along with these. They can be costly, and they are not always reliable. There are many stories of people turning up for a driving test, only to be turned away because they have arrived at the wrong time. Or even on the wrong day.

In desperation, some people have signed up to more than one test booking service; or registered with more than one app. That is really not a good idea as you could easily end up with conflicting test dates and times.

These driving test cancellation apps and companies are not against the rules, but the DVSA are trying to put an end to them. There are several reasons for this:

  • they give some people an unfair advantage in getting hold of driving test cancellations
  • the charges that customers have to pay can very high
  • and they are often unreliable

Driving test cancellation apps and companies may be worth using if you’re really desperate. You may get an earlier test more easily than working on it yourself. But be careful which one you choose. Make sure that you shop around and take notice of customer reviews before you hand over your money.

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