How Do I Renew My Driving Licence?

If you’re asking the question “How do I renew my driving licence?” then here’s how.

Renew My Driving LicenceYou will need to renew your photocard driving licence every ten years. Also, you need to renew your licence when you reach 70 years of age, then every three years after that.

Apply Online

To renew your licence online you must have a UK passport, otherwise you can only make your application through the Post Office.

If you have changed your name however, you can only apply for a new licence by post.

To use the online service, you must be a resident of Great Britain (Northern Ireland has a different system). Also, if you have a disqualification from driving you cannot use this service.

Before you start the renewal process, make sure that you have:

  • a UK passport
  • your current driving licence
  • your National Insurance number
  • and your addresses for the past 3 years

You may still be able to make the application if you don’t have all of the above, (but you MUST have your passport.)

Your new licence should arrive within a week, and when it does you must send your old driving licence to DVLA at the address they will give you.

Apply at a Post Office

Some Post Offices provide a licence renewal service. To use this service, you must take either a licence renewal reminder letter if you have one, or your old photocard licence.

You cannot use this service however if you have changed your name; you can only apply yourself by post.

Apply by Post

To apply by post, you need to use a D1 licence application pack from a Post Office which deals with this.

In addition to the D1 form, you will need:

  • your current photocard driving licence
  • a recent passport style photo
  • identity documents if you have had a change of name
  • a cheque or postal order for payment to the DVLA

How Much Does it Cost to Renew My Driving Licence?

It costs more to apply by post or to use the Post Office services, and it will also take longer to receive your new licence (about 3 weeks). Prices for each of the services will be shown on the forms, or on the DVLA website when you start your online application.

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