How Long is the Driving Test?

There are many questions asked by people who are taking driving lessons, one of the most common being ‘How long is the driving test?’ So we answer that here along with many others.

How long is a driving test?

From start to finish, the driving test takes around 45 minutes, from signing up at the start to returning to the driving test centre. This includes a minimum of 30 minutes driving. You may be out on the road for longer if you live in a busy area. Traffic delays can play a large part in making the on-road element much longer on occasions.

How Long is the Driving Test?How long does it take for a provisional licence to come?

If you apply for your driving licence online, it should normally arrive within a week. It will take longer however if you make your application through the post office. Want to know to apply for a provisional licence?

When can I apply for a driving licence?

You can apply for a licence as early as 15 years and 9 months, although you can’t actually start driving on public roads until you reach the minimum age for driving.

How long does it take to learn to drive?

Learning to drive a car is a skill that not everyone takes to easily, some people learn a lot faster than others. On average however, according the DVSA, learner drivers take around 45 hours of training with a driving instructor. This is in addition to around 22 hours of private practise with friends or relatives. It is not something that you should do in a rush. Learning to drive safely is an important skill. And one that you should take time over in order to make sure that you are well prepared before taking to the road on your own,

How long is a theory test?

The hazard perception part of the theory test takes around 20 minutes. For the multiple choice question part you have a maximum of 57 minutes in which to complete the test. You don’t have to use the full 57 minutes, you can finish the test more quickly if you wish, but don’t rush it and make mistakes. Always take the time to double check your answers. Together with the administration that needs to be done, you could spend up to 90 minutes at the test centre.

How long does a provisional licence last?

You must renew a photocard licence every 10 years. If you have an old style paper licence however, this is valid until your 70th birthday. Once you reach 70, you must renew your licence every 3 years.

How long is a theory test certificate valid?

A theory test pass certificate is valid for 2 years. If you have not passed your practical test within that time, you will need to retake your theory test.

Can I appeal a driving test?

You can appeal if you feel that the driving examiner did not conduct the test according to the regulations, but you cannot appeal against the result. For more information read the full article


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