Learner Driver Insurance

Learner driver insurance can be very expensive. It’s one of the many hurdles you need to get past in order to get your hands on that driving licence.

Learner driver insuranceIf you’re learning to drive with a driving school, then their insurance will cover you.

However, if you decide to take private practise, either in your own car, or a car belonging to a friend or family member; then you need to get cover. You must resist any temptation to avoid buying the cover you need. If you are caught out you could find yourself with a fine and at least 6 penalty points on your licence. One more point and you would get a driving ban before you even pass the test!

It is highly recommended though that you take private practise in addition to driving lessons with a school. Those who mix private practise with professional training stand a much higher chance of passing the driving test first time.

How Much Practise?

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), who set the tests, make a recommendation. They say you should take around 45 hours of training with a driving instructor. That’s in addition to around 22 hours of private practise with friends or relatives.

For practising in someone else’s car, there are companies who offer learner driver insurance on a short term basis. This could make it much more affordable for you. So rather than taking the normal full year of cover you could opt for 3 or 6 months for instance. The one thing to be wary of with this however; is that the moment you pass the test you are no longer insured! So make sure that you swap seats with your accompanying driver after the test.

Accompanying Driver

If you do opt to practise with a friend, you must make sure that they are qualified. They must be at least 21 years old, and have held the same category of licence you are training for, for a least three years.

If you take out temporary learner driver insurance cover, make sure that you take out another policy before you get behind the wheel on your own. It will be very expensive to begin with. Although you may actually benefit from including another ‘named driver’ on your policy. But the cost will drop once you reach the age of 25. You may also earn insurance discounts by taking extra training. better still, take an advanced driving test once you have gained enough experience.

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