Ready for the Driving Test?

ready for the driving testWant to know if you’re ready to take the driving test? How can you tell?

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (the people who conduct the test) have launched a campaign called ‘Ready to Pass?’. They’re concerned about the number of people  who fail driving tests simply because they haven’t done enough to prepare. Some test  candidates are so poorly prepared that their driving is actually dangerous. The fact that so many people fail is one of the reasons for long waiting lists. This campaign is aimed at trying to address that.

Research shows that only 53% of people learning to drive truly felt  fully prepared when they sat their driving test; and that many felt that they failed simply because they were too nervous. Being overly nervous is a clear sign of lack of confidence due to a lack of experience and practise.

Ready to Pass?

The DVSA has issued guidelines which test candidates should be able to use to check if they’re ready for the driving test. These ask that you:

  • do not need prompts from your driving instructor
  • do not make silly mistakes when you’re driving
  • pass mock driving tests
  • can control your nerves
  • have a driving instructor who agrees you’re ready

You can download a copy of this check sheet here. The agency’s advice if you cannot satisfy all of these requirements is to move your driving test back. They say ‘It can give you vital time to brush up on your skills and make sure you’re ready to pass.’

When learning any new skill you can never have too much practise. More so when the skill you’re learning is one that will keep you safe on the road. There are no short cuts to safe driving.

Cancel a Driving Test

We would strongly advise you to follow the DVSA’s advice and to postpone your test unless you’re 100% confident you’re ready.

The easiest way to cancel your test is to go online – do bear in mind however that you must give at least 3 full working days’ notice to get a full refund. Saturdays count as working days but Sundays and public holidays do not. Don’t leave it so late that you risk losing your fee!
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The Driving Test & How to Pass

(An Examiner’s Guide to the ‘L’ Test)

If you’re not really sure what’s expected of you on your driving test, the best place to go is our bookshop. You can buy a paperback or download a copy of our guide to the driving test; available for iPad in addition to all PC, Kindle and android devices.

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