Reversing onto a Main Road

Reversing onto a main road is something that many people do; whether this is after driving forward into a side road, or reversing out of a driveway. Some people ask if it’s illegal to reverse onto a road. So what does the law say?

reversing onto a main roadYou are not actually breaking the law by reversing onto a main road; but if you cause an accident by doing you could face prosecution for driving without due care and attention.

One of the main problems with reversing out of a driveway is your view. It may well be blocked by walls or hedges. Observation is always more difficult when reversing. So deciding to do this when your view may be even more limited is a risky business. More so if you live on a school route. You may have children running or cycling along the pavement and hidden from view.

Rush Hour

Also, if you are backing out onto the road on your way to work, then the roads are likely to be much busier. This also increases the risk factor.

So why do so may drivers carry out a manoeuvre that is clearly fraught with risks?

In a supermarket, it’s understandable that driving forwards into the bay will give you ready access to the boot when loading up with shopping. But this excuse does not stand up when reversing into your driveway at home.

Okay, sometimes the roads may be very busy when you get home from work. It may not be feasible to stop on the road to wait for a chance to reverse in. But there’s no reason why you cannot go back out to your car and turn it around when the traffic dies down. That way you will be facing the right way and ready to go again in the morning!

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