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At the end of each set of theory test practise questions you will not only find out your score, but you will also see an explanation of each answer. This will give you the opportunity to work further on any weak areas and to reinforce your knowledge on any particular subject.

The questions in these practise exams are drawn from the official DVSA theory test question bank. They are just like the questions you will need to answer when taking the test for real. When you feel ready, the easiest way to book your theory test is online.

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In addition to answering multiple choice questions, you will also need to pass the hazard perception test. This involves watching a series of video simulation clips in which you need to identify ‘developing hazards’. When you spot a hazard which is about to affect you, you must click the mouse button. Although you do need to avoid clicking too many times! If the computer detects that you are clicking rapidly, or repeatedly, you will not score any points for the clip.

You can get some free practise at the DVSA’s own website by following the link below.

Hazard Perception Practise



You must have been resident in England, Scotland or Wales for at least 185 days in the last year before the date that you take your theory test. You will need to have your driving licence, a valid email address, and a debit or credit card to complete the booking process.

Click the link below for information on how to book a theory test. This includes all you need to know about what happens when you get there.

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