UK Driving Skills

UK Driving Skills was set up by Don Gates. He has spent most of his life working in the driver training and testing industry, a career spanning 40 years. Beginning as a driving instructor way back in 1984, he initially worked for a local driving school. He then retrained under the British School of Motoring which was the biggest driving school in the UK at the time.

Not content to stay at that level, he became a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists.  He also passed the RoSPA police driving test at gold standard. He then widened his scope and began to train company car drivers for the advanced tests.


In 1987 he decided to go independent and launched his own driving school. The Don Gates driving school was one with a very high driving test pass rate, and many recommendations came his way. But he always had his sights set on a higher goal and it was inevitable that he would take the next step upwards.

Don then went on to become a driving examiner. He worked in this role for many years, earning the respect of those around him with his knowledge and ability in his work. Eventually he left that role to branch out on his own once again.

UK Driving Skills

In 2020, with time on his hands due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Don decided to set up UK Driving Skills. This provided a vehicle for promoting his work. It also gave him the opportunity to offer online training for theory test practise questions.

He now spends most of his time writing. Don uses his extensive experience at all levels of driver training and testing to produce a series of books for learner drivers; this will hopefully help him to pass on some of his knowledge to you.

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