Warning – Fake Highway Code in Circulation

fake highway code

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has issued a warning over the circulation of fake Highway Code books. These are on sale through some of the major platforms. The agency has added the possibility that these fake copies may also contain errors. These errors could lead to users failing driving and theory tests; in addition to a risk of breaking the law if the incorrect advice is followed.

Some of the signs to look out for are:

  • compare the bar code numbers; the official copy has an ISBN number above its barcode
  • on the fake version, the logos on the front cover of the book are slightly pixelated
  • the official version of The Highway Code has a matte cover, the fake version has a glossy cover.

If anyone thinks that they have bought a counterfeit copy, they should contact their local trading standards office or contact the DVSA directly.


Mark Winn, the chief driving examiner at the DVSA, said:

“The misinformation in the fake version of the Highway Code is alarming. It puts road users at risk of breaking the law or, even worse, having an accident. As well as this, the incorrect information could cause learners to fail both theory and practical tests.

These fakes also damage the public’s trust in the Highway Code, which is concerning given the book’s vital role in keeping everyone safe on Britain’s roads.

DVSA takes these matters extremely seriously and is taking action against the illegal sellers.”

Copyright Infringement

David Burgess, intellectual property manager in publishing at the agency, also warned drivers against buying fake copies of the book.

He added: “We take this kind of behaviour very seriously and are working hard, with our official publisher The Stationery Office, to fully investigate it in the interests of customers across Great Britain.”

You can also purchase our own officially approved version of the Highway Code to download.


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